Teen Male Who Lost His Orgasm

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Hi Betty

I'm in my teens and my penis is 4 & 1/2 inches because of this I masturbate regularly because I am sensitive emotionally about my penis size, but in the past 6 months I have been unable to achieve a proper orgasm when I masturbate I just ejaculate and that's it. I have tried many things like taking it slow (40 minutes to be precise), put on my favorite porn, used lube, played with my anus, everything I could think of, I attended to touch my prostate but that was unsuccessful.

Please Betty I desperately need your help.


Dear V,

First off, take a vacation from porn. While it's designed to be entertainment for men, it's not adequate sex information especially when it comes to learning sexual skills. I believe you are over-masturbated. Give your penis a rest and stop focusing on the size of your dick. A finger feels wonderful when playing with a vulva inside and out when done with skill, so stop obsessing about your penis size. When you're ready to explore sex with a partner, oral sex most often works best for us. A penis thrusting inside a vagina is nice, but it isn't the way most girls can come.

Try reading about women's sexuality for a change and take your attention off your dick. We have a lot of info on the site about what women like. And remember, male porn stars are chosen for the size of their penis. The average one is about 5 inches when erect not those BIG dongs we see in porn.

Dr. Betty


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