Should I Go Off the Pill?

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Dear Doctor Betty!

First of all I must say I am a big fan of yours. First time I saw you and Carlin was on the Norwegian show Trekant (I am Norwegian), and since then I have been a fan. I think it's great how you help women discover their sexuality, and thanks to you I am finally starting to discover mine, without being ashamed of it. So thank you for that!

Now, my question regards something you and Carlin have spoken about quite a bit: the pill. I just recently started on the pill for two reasons. First of all I got a boyfriend, and since I am not ready to have children just yet (I'm only 20), I needed a birth control. Second, my doctor thought it would be the best option for me, because of my heavy menstrual cramps. Now, I have read what you say about the pill, and I do agree that putting synthetic hormones in my body might not be the best thing to do. The problem for me is my menstrual cramps.

After I started on the pill, the cramps have almost disappeared. Before when I got my cramps, I was unable to do anything for hours, even when taking strong pain medications. I would just have to lie down in a fetal position and wait for the cramping to stop. And I really can't handle having that pain every month. Do you still think I should try going off the pill, and if so, do you know of any ways to make the cramping better? I do work out, and try to eat healthy. Do you know of anything I can do to go off the pill and still not have to deal with the monthly cramping?

Dear C,

I say yes, get off the pill and it's great that you have not been taking it that long. I too had such bad cramping in my 20's that I had to go home and get into bed with a heating pad. Yes, in the fetal position. Later on in my 30's I simply masturbated to orgasm and that got the blood flowing which eliminated cramping. Give it a try.

Also dairy products seemed to be the culprit for me in terms of heavy periods. A nice hot Toddy of whiskey, honey and spices really helped. If you discover none of these things work, you can always go back on the pill.

I miss Oslo. What a sweet little happy city.


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