Sex During Your Period is Just One of the Reasons

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Yes, that's my menstrual blood and I'm bleeding right now.  I am in my power. 

This post has been rolling around in my mind - I've been thinking about how much I love being a woman and how my menstrual cycle connects me to the tides, the lunar cycle and to all living things.  I believe that menstruation sets womankind apart as natural-born leaders.  And it's more than our ability to birth the next generation.  It's multilayered and profound.

With blood, comes the truth (and increased communication skills).

When a woman is bleeding, her ability to think of an idea or emotion and select the most appropriate word for said idea/emotion is at it's highest.  That means that not only are women better suited to the communication demands of the modern workplace and society in general but, when we have our periods, our skill set bumps up to new levels.  That is fucking amazing and makes total evolutionary sense to me. 

You have this divine being - this divine body - that has varying hormone levels every day of the month which makes you more in tune to changes in your environment.  You can multitask and grow life inside this divine body on a recurring monthly cycle.  When that potential life is not chosen, the uterus releases the thickened blood lining of nourishment and, with that release of blood, comes a new awareness of others and advantaged abilities.  This is true power, power that is innate, self-sustaining and cyclical. 

I never understood why periods where a punchline, something to demean a woman by asking if she was "on the rag".  Where is the respect...the monuments to female strength and endurance?  Why would a society demean what should be exalted?  Instead of acknowledging our contribution to all human life it's used as a justification to deny us equality and full civic participation.  We're taught to never trust anything that "bleeds for a week and doesn't die" - a woman can't be president because she'd launch nukes when she had her period.  What crap. 

If someone bleeds for a week and lives, then I would show some fucking respect and maybe even create some womb-based iconography and set up some goddess worship (oh year we did that).  Womankind is captivating on so many levels.   No matter how hard you knock us down we keep going.  We get up, brush ourselves off, and get back to mapping out trajectories to the moon or feeding our children.  We can do it all and blood makes us stronger.

Bleeding kick starts your libido - sex during your period is awesome.

Right before I get my period - when I start to feel the blood-filled lining of my uterus pull away - I get super horny and I crave penetration.  With every stroke, I get closer and closer to release.  There's something about this magical moment in my hormone cycle that makes orgasm sublime.  Maybe it's because I feel more connected to my body or more in touch with my feminine but what a rush.  Then, when I am bleeding, I love penetration sex.  There's a metallic quality to menstrual blood that is intoxicating. It's thick and sticky and dark and silky.  I love the feeling of blood between my thighs.  For the record, I've never had a partner object to period sex.  It's how sex should be: base and animal. 

Free-bleeding during sex is also wonderful.  There are times I wish we could all just run around outside free-bleeding into the earth. It just feels right.  And I fucking hate tampons and pads.  Besides there being carcinogenic chemicals and bleach in these products, it perpetuates this need for male-contrived solutions that are expensive and anything but green.  My menstrual cup was the best investment I ever made.  It's safe, effective, cost $20 and now I'm good for life.  Only silicone, stainless steel, glass and the occasional flesh dildo go in my vagina. 

Periods are fucking sexy.

Vice Magazine posted an image of a woman sitting at a sandwich counter in front of a glass window with blood seeping through her panties and it was beyond hot.  I think periods are super sexy.  We're raised to live in fear of "accidents" but there's nothing more arousing than a blood stain in a panty.  It reminds us that our bodies are dynamic reproductive systems and taps into the depths of sexual desire.  In the end, we are all victims of our hormones and this incredible cycle of life that courses through our veins and out our vaginas.  And I'm a huge fan of menstrual art as subject and medium.  One day I want to go to an exhibition completely devoted to menses.  A girl can dream.

Menstruation marks the passage of time and our mortality.

Betty always says that she misses her period.  You can lose sight of the wonder of it all until it's a memory.  It seems like it will go on forever but it's finite and that is profound.  As women, we are reminded that change is constant - our bodies signal the monthly passage of time and the ultimate transition from maiden to crone.  There is no denial.  There is no refusal only acceptance.  In the end, we are liberated by our bodies, the bodies that the culture tries in vain to control and conquer.       

As I pen this love letter to my womanhood, I bleed knowing that, at 45, these are the last years of maiden.  I move towards crone with love and happiness in my heart but one thing left to do.  I've always wanted to apply menstrual blood on my face like war paint.  It was perfect.




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