Sex with a Boy vs. Sex with a Girl

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Liandra was flying in from Spain - from her honeymoon - to be apart of our bodysex documentary.  Over the course of several emails planning her trip, we'd decided to film a scene together.  What that scene would be became my masturbation fantasy image.  It had been a while since I'd been with another woman.   I felt a bit rusty. 

Carlin & Liandra Part I and Part II documents our sexual experience.  At first, I thought we'd film a strap-on scene.  I wanted to try something I'd never done before.  It's a short list but there are things I've never done sexually.  We ditched the strap-on idea and settled on fisting.  I have to say that I love fisting with one caveat: fisting is for women, by women.  Male hands are just too big.  That's what got me thinking about the difference between sex with a boy and sex with a girl.  They're too unique experiences and I have to say I love them both.  I'm not sure I could ever choose one gender and here's why:

Kissing.  I would say that both sexes are equally matched here.  There's something so beautiful about kissing a woman...their lips are softer than a man's and I love running my hands through hair.  More often that not women have better hair than men.  Men keep their hair short and stick so much hair product in it that it becomes a helmet. 

And then there's boobs.  When you're kissing a woman you get to stroke her breasts and play with her nipples.  Man nipples are alright but, please, breasts are phenomenal.  I play with my own breasts all the time.

Then, there's the sensation of kissing a man.  They're not soft.  There's stubble on their faces...their lips are harder and they're bodies are more utilitarian.  Beauty is replaced by power.  The dominance play is always a turn on.  Breasts...power...breasts...power...I can't decide.

Foreplay.  There's no comparison.  Women just have better clit skills than men.  They should since they have the same equipment.  It's refreshing being able to lie back and enjoy the soft caresses, building up sexual energy with someone who has the same sexual rhythm as yourself.  I always feel like it's a race with a man.  With a woman, there's less pressure to reach can take your time.

Sex.  What is sex?  We define sex and penis/vagina penetration but that's just the tip of the iceberg.  I loved fisting and being fisted.  Part of it was experiencing something taboo.  In the adult world, you can show double penetration - two penises in one vagina, two penises in one asshole - and any assortment of large objects inserted in an orifice but fisting is the big no no.  I can't help but feel that it's discriminatory.  They're criminalizing imagery of sex acts performed primarily in lesbian relationships. 

Another part of it was that we had to communicate during each step of the sex act.  You had to be aroused just to get started.  Who doesn't love lots of oral?  Then, as we inserted two, three, four fingers...then the thumb...we were talking and looking into each other's eyes getting feedback from our partner.  We were connected.  It wasn't one of those shut-off-the-lights and go through the motions slam-bam-thank-you-mam moments.  We were present in the sex act.  We were equals.  No one was dominating.

On the flip side, there are times when I want to be dominated...when I want someone to take charge.  And who doesn't love a flesh dildo?  The feeling of someone larger on top of you is so primal.  The way your pussy responds to male penetration...lubricating...squeezing...just thinking about it gets me horny.  If more men put down the porn and watched our sex skills series, they could give women a run for their money.  Unfortunately, it's a race to the finish for most men and I'm left reaching for my vibrator.

Post-sex.  The post-fisting glow was pretty magical.  Lola jumped on the bed and we pat her while we talked.  It wasn't about love it was about friendship.  We weren't lying naked together making promises we couldn't keep.  I hate that part of the heterosexual experience.  Can't we just be friends? 

Then, we went out on the terrace and watched the sunset before deciding to go out to dinner.  It was perfect.  We have two huge orgasms each and then we had a delicious dinner with great girl talk.  Dinner with a man is kind of awkward.  The conversation doesn't flow the same way it does with a woman.  And men eat too fast.  They either focus on the conversation or the food. 

But it is fun to lie on a man's chest after sex.  They're all sweaty and manly.  They have a longer refractory period than a woman.  It's a game to see if you can arouse them for a second round of coitus.  Maybe that's the time when the tables turn and I'm topping from the bottom.

Ultimately, I know I could never choose between sex with a boy and sex with a girl.  I had such a good time with Liandra and I love our short film.  I didn't even announce it yet.  I posted the clips on the site and watched them go like wild fire this weekend.  We even got a five-star rating from a viewer.  We captured pure sexual energy between two women having the experience of their lives.  What's better than that? 

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