Only Silicone & Latex in My Vagina

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I ordered my diva cup on Amazon after the last day of my period. After liberating myself from the pill, it was time to liberate myself from tampons. I even threw out all my tampons so I didn't have a choice.  My next period would be a diva cup period.

As luck would have it, I got my period at Betty's during the first day of the Bodysex workshop. Really...I went to the bathroom right before we assembled in the circle and there she was...and it was heavy. Thank god I had my diaphragm with me or I wouldn't have been able to do genital show & tell or penetration with the barbell. I had to empty it several times but it worked like a charm.

When I got home Sunday night, I couldn't wait to take a shower. I was covered from head to toe in almond oil and orgasm sweat. I removed my diva cup from the packaging and glanced at the instructions. There were three line drawings explaining how to insert it into your vagina. It looked easy enough: squeeze the cup so it flattens out and then fold it in half.

I got out of the shower and went right to it. I've learned that it's much easier to insert your diaphragm while you're squatting over the floor so I used the same technique with my cup. I spread my labia open with one hand and inserted the cup with the other. Then I took my finger and ran it along the sides of the cup to make sure it was in place. There's this little tapered end and as long as it's in the center of your vagina the cup is fine (you pull the tapered end to remove it).

This product has changed my life - it's the best $25 I've ever spent. I went to bed that night a little worried that I would have some bleeding but there wasn't a drop of blood in my panties. I don't even feel it inside me. For my entire adult life, I've struggled with pads and tampons. I'm always bleeding through them or rummaging through my handbags trying to find one. And they're fucking expensive at $10/box - don't get me started on the chemicals in all feminine hygiene products.



From now on it's only silicone and latex in my vagina. And can I say that emptying the cup is super sexy. When I removed it for the first time, I was squatting on the floor pulling at the tapered end when I realized that it would simply slide out if I pushed out with my pc muscles (also helps during penetration). It slid right out and nothing spilled on the floor. It was all right there in my cup.



I looked at how much blood I'd released from my made me feel so connected to myself. Then I poured my blood into the sink. The crimson red against the white sink was beautiful. I rinsed out the cup and watched my menses run down the drain. It was so different than dealing with a cotton pad/tampon saturated with blood. It felt pure. God, I love my new menses ritual.

Today, I ran 6 miles in the gym and my cup performed perfectly. I've had issues with tampons during work outs. I can't tell you how good it feels to have found a period solution that's so convenient and economical. In a way, I'm kind of pissed that menstrual cups aren't given out in schools. There's always so much mystery around your period when you're a young girl.   Why?

If we taught girls how to use menstrual cups, they would be the ones penetrating their vaginas for the first time...they would feel more connected to their bodies...they would feel more secure about being a woman.

I can't wait for my next period ;)

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