My Process of Sexual Breathing

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This week I want to share a technique that I have been using daily for years: Sexual Breathing. Sexual breathing is a method of moving your sexual energy, building sexual charge and feeling incredible. In fact, doing this for just 30 days in a row will make your body feel all kinds of wonderful.

I personally developed this exercise because all of my life, I have a lot of sexual energy in my body and I needed to find a way to move it without dissipating it through ejaculation. And over the years, I have come to really appreciate the building of sexual charge in my body. This charge builds what I call Sexual Charisma - the ability to radiate sexual aliveness to the world.

In my experience, one vital person, radiating their authentic sexual power, can have an almost magnetic effect on people. That’s because focused yet radiant sexual energy is palpable. People can feel that energy in their own bodies, and they respond.

This week I created a video for my friends who have been asking me to teach my secret sexual breathing technique. So, I’m including the link in this blog so you can join me and my friends in a 30 day challenge to build, energize and move massive amounts of sex energy inside our beautiful, radiant, sexually charged bodies.

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