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When I sat down with the writer, Jenny, I knew this would be a quality piece.  I love this younger generation of women.  They're smart, capable and out there making their mark.  

Here's the entire article How Carlin Ross, the Woman Who Orgasmed on the Goop Lab Netflix Show, Came, Saw, and Conquered - below is my favorite paragraph: 

“I really believe that not telling young women about their bodies or giving them access to health care is systematic abuse at the level of genocide,” Ross says, a few minutes into our interview.

“You have to love your body to have an orgasm,” she says. “You have to feel entitled. The most unattractive man in the world still feels entitled to an orgasm. But women, we always feel like, ‘Maybe if I'm skinnier?’”

And: “If you’ve had an orgasm, you’re not a virgin.”

And: “Sexual freedom for women is a life goal, my reason for being.”

I couldn't wish for a better coming-out piece or for a better mentor, Betty Dodson. She was sleeping in the other room when we did our interview but never so present in my life and work.  

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