My Foreskin is Too Tight

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Dear Dr. Betty,

My foreskin is too tight. With some lubrication it can be pulled back but on erection it pains a lot. I tried to stretch it in the above mentioned way, but it has not helped. Is circumcision necessary or can some topical cream etc. help me out?

Dear D,

This is not all that uncommon and what is usually recommended is gradually stretching it with gentle manipulation like you described. I have no idea how old you are or how long you have tried stretching your foreskin. Using some topical desensitizing cream for a while might make sense. When I was in rehab with new hip joints, I was given a pain killer before the PT started stretching my joints. However, if none of your home solutions work out, the next step is going to a urologist for more information.

But first, go online and contact other men who might have dealt with this same problem. A painful foreskin would be like having a clitoris that's too sensitive to play with. No fun! Or a tight vagina that can't be penetrated. Remember, when we get sexually turned on, pain is diminished. Hopefully after several sessions of masturbation all the way to ejaculation with orgasm your foreskin will relax.

Dr. Betty

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