My Erection is Curved Downward. Intercourse is Difficult

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Hi Dr. Betty Dodson

Thank you for your help you gave me a couple of years ago. [concerning my interest in the foot of a grandma princess ] I have another question. As you know not all erections are straight and mine curves downward so steeply that I have had difficulty in engaging in proper intercourse. I have enclosed a picture for you to see for yourself what I am talking about. Do you know why my erection curves like this?

I was wondering what your advice might be. When I try to have vaginal intercourse, my penis often bends more as I push instead of going further in. One of the reasons I love receiving footjobs / foot sex so much is that the curve of the arch of the average foot is so complementary for my downward curved erection when I place my erection along the sole of a lady's foot with the head pointing towards the toes while most of it is against the heel & arch. I have not had proper intercourse very much - due to shyness and my love of foot sex - but also due to this unique erection but would love to do so more often.

I hope you do not mind taking a look at my unique erection as are just about the only person I know of who I can talk to about this and ask advice about. Take heart though - this erection was obtain by lots of happy thoughts about rubbing & kissing grandma aged ladies soles. [ & female soles in general ] :-) I consider myself lucky that I can get hard thinking about something so sweet. Some of the wonderful grandma princesses that I am fortunate enough to give soothing foot rubs to often tell me how good my foot rubs are and that I am "a good boy"!

That's one of the sweet soundbites that I have running through my mind when I masturbate: a sweet husky grandma voice telling me that I am "a good boy". :-) I gather you must find this interesting as a lot of other folks have to think about harsher things.

I also love many of their foot aromas too [ there's lots of sweat from foot soles ]but I still love rubbing those feet which do not smell so sweet as I truly love giving soothing foot rubs to our precious grandma princesses and some of our young adult princesses too. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for any advice that you could give as I will appreciate it.

Have a good day and thank you for the work you do.



Dear F,

Your curved penis is not so unusual. Some curve down, or up or off to one side or the other. It's called Peyronies disease and if you Google the word, you will find a load of information. Basically there is no present medical solution that is recommended. Fortunate for you that you have devised you own personal solution with your foot love.

So congratulations. When it comes to having intercourse, you must guide your penis into her vagina. But between you and me, fucking is highly overrated. Enjoy your foot love and make all those lovely grannies happy.

Dr. Betty

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