My Clitoris is Shrinking

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Dear Dr. Betty,

Hi I'm 48 years old and when I was 46 I noticed that my clitoris has been shrinking and the skin has started to become lose around the hood , it is not as big as it once was and also when I gave birth my baby ripped the skin there. My GYN says I have Lichen Scholerosus (sp)

I don't have itching or discoloration or any of the other symptoms I'm just losing my clitoris. I can still organism but I'm wondering if it's due to to much masterbating with a vibrator? What can I do? Is really small almost nonexistent.

Thank you A

Dear A,

As we age, everything becomes different and that includes our genitals. Yes skin get stretched and we change all over, but instead of focusing on what your vulva once looked like, just pay attention to what you can feel. If anything, the vibrator is bringing a fresh supply of blood to any area we are vibrating. That''s a good thing for all of our body parts.

Just recently, I had a client who was also diagnosed with Lichen. Her vulva was perfectly healthy. No discoloration and no itching. I believe her GYN didn't know how to answer her clitoris question and the knee jerk response is to settle on some disease so they can prescribe a medication. It's truly sad that our medical professionals get no training in sexology or sexual pleasure and health. It's a serious problem because then Big Pharma steps in and makes obscene amounts of money from doctors ignorance about sex that write out a script for some useless medication. Be your own doctor. After all, no one knows your body better than you do.

Happy O's
Dr. Betty

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