More Sexual Satisfaction From Breastfeeding My Son

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Hi Betty,

I just gave birth on October to a beautiful little boy. I had to have a cesarean, and as with all births, I'm not allowed to have sex for around 6 weeks total. My question comes in with the fact that I'm breastfeeding my little angel.

The thing is, I have gotten more sexual satisfaction from breastfeeding my son in a few weeks than I have for ages with my husband. It's a sensual kind of arousal that relaxes and contents me and I have been able to have light orgasms. Is this weird? If not, may I have some words of wisdom to settle my conscious?


Dear L,

Oh Happy Day! Bless you for bringing this up. Many women have told me they too experience some degree of sexual arousal while nursing but dare not speak about it. First off, I congratulate you for breast feeding your baby. That's so important on many levels, most of all the emotional transference of a Mother's Love to her child. Also breast feeding will establish his immune system that will keep him healthy for the rest of his life.

Although few mothers discuss this due to our pitiful Puritanical underpinnings (Damn those Pilgrims) it's far more common than we realize. My response is Hallelujah! You and your baby are doing just GREAT! Enjoy every positive and sensual feeling you derive from suckling your child. It's one of the few experiences in life that I'm sorry I missed. Enjoy!

Dr. Betty

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