Love to Perform Oral Sex on My Girlfriend When She's Very Musky

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Dear Betty,

I love to perform oral sex on my girlfriend when she is very musky. I find it very erotic and exciting. If she has been to the gym, hasn't showered for a day, or especially the day after intercourse are the most exciting for me. The extremely musky scent and tangy taste drives me wild. She likes it too but is concerned that there might be a health risk from not washing.

We have been in a monogamous relationship for years so STD's aren't a concern. She just wants to know if there is any other health risk involved. We also wonder if it is strange that I enjoy performing oral sex after intercourse, I love the taste of us mixed together.

Dear P

I've also had a few lovers that adored a musky pussy. One would always remind me "Not to wash the sugar off." Like your GF, I was concerned I would taste and smell too raunchy, but after a few times, I accepted this as a personal preference for some men.To me, this shows a man has a lot of acceptance toward the physical body and would be on my A list.

Personally I think most of us are over deodorized and believe every body part must smell like a rose. That means we miss out on the pheromones, which are subtle guides to our best mating potentials. As I've grown older and wiser, I now enjoy a long inhale of my vulva scent after I've climbed into bed. Nearly every night I make contact by adding a drop of oil and do a sweet short massage, sort of like an extended hug along with scratching an itch and contacting my clitoris. Then I bring both hands up to my nose and breathe in my scent deeply. I find this very reassuring. It has been known to lead to a relaxed orgasm sometimes.


Dr. Betty

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