Last Night I had My Very First Ever in My Life Fully Satisfying Orgasm

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Dearest Betty,

I know this is nothing you haven't heard before, but: You changed my life!!!!!

I have a very happy update to share with you after our session (and I am also sharing it with all of my close friends!):

Last night I had my very first ever in my life fully satisfying orgasm!!!!!

Just to refresh you, since I know you meet and talk to many, many women - I am 37 and had only ever masturbated by crossing my legs and pulsing before I went to visit you.

After our session, I ordered both the Hitatchi Magic Wand and the Eroscillator. The Hitatchi arrived first and I tried it a couple of times, just over my clothes and without much ceremony. I could feel my orgasm muscles spasming in response, but I wouldn’t say it really felt good. I was not really into it.

Then last night the Eroscillator arrived, the gentle finger-tip-like attachment head. I didn’t open the box, just left it on my kitchen table.

I was very wired when I got home after a one-day gig at a new place I hadn’t worked before, and I didn’t have work the next day (i.e. today) so I stayed up very late into the night, going down internet worm holes. Finally it was around 4AM, so I decided to take a puff of pot to knock myself out. I wound up taking more than I thought and got suuuuuuper duper stoned. And then the most amazing thing happened! I got into a super happy, super horny stoned place and then remembered the Eroscillator had arrived, and I took it out and had the best date night ever. With myself!

I have never really enjoyed masturbating that much before – always felt kind of tense and get-this-over-with when I did it. This was the first time I felt like I was with an actual lover whom I wanted to luxuriate with and spend all night with – except the lover knew exactly what to do, because A) it was me! And B) I was so stoned that I finally let go of my fear and inhibitions and belief that I don’t understand how my body works.

I lost track of time – but I think I was masturbating for about an hour or so, and I had my very first fully-satisfying orgasm of my life!!!!! I’m sure there will be better ones to come (cum!) but I was so happy to have the experience, I was beaming and felt like light beams were coming out of my body. And like with a good lover, the whole journey was just as great as the destination – which I had never let myself experience before, because I guess I’d felt repressed guilt and anxiety about masturbation.

The funniest thing was the stoned fantasies I was having – soooo different from my usual fantasies (which are usually anxiety and shame-tinged scenarios about a nasty old man exploiting a young nubile girl.) Instead, while stoned and high on self-love, I had this amazingly intoxicating fantasy world of … cute cartoon / anime avatars of myself being sexy and sweet and smiling. So bizarre!

Even in the stoned moment of it, I was trying to self-analyze. I think maybe I was going back to a childhood place, like the age when I started feeling sexual shame, and maybe I was having the child-like fantasies that I would have had at that age, if I hadn’t gone down the path of shame and angst instead? I don’t know. All I know is that I felt zero shame or angst, I just felt happy and wonderful. And I came!! I couldn't wait to share this with you! I am SO grateful to have met and worked with you!

Sending LOVE,


Oh, and one more thing I forgot to tell you! In the past, I always have viewed sex toys as kind of "dirty", and the one sex toy and few sex books I owned, I had hidden away in a drawer under some other things, and I rarely took them out to use them.

But after my wonderful experience with the Eroscillator, I fell in love with it! And I want it to have a beautiful and special place in my home. So I went online to and bought three satin pouches - two hot pink ones for the Eroscillator and the attachments, and one black one for a glass dildo that I'd had for a long time but never wanted to use until now. AND I found this incredible vintage 1920s White Cross vibrator case that I bought (pictures attached) to hold all of my sex toys, because I want to celebrate them! This is a huge change in attitude for me, and it is thanks to working with you.

With love,