Is It Wrong to Have Several Sugar Daddies?

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Dear Betty or anyone else that can help me,

I recently sent a question in but did not receive a response which is completely understandable. I know many questions get sent in. First of all, I am a new sugar baby and I have a few dilemmas. First off, the men I will potentially get intimate with are all married! They say their wife knows about it but how true could that really be? I need to know if it's truly wrong to get involved with married men. I have few options and most men aren't single. I'm in desperate need of financial support so I turn a blind eye to it..

Secondly, I'm afraid of contracting HIV & HPV. I never got the gardasil vaccine, so how do I know that their STI reports aren't faked by them just so they could sleep with me? I also have herpes type 2 and I tell every sex partner that so I'm not doing anything illegal. Lastly, is it wrong to have several sugar daddies? I feel like such an immoral WHORE! Please help me someone! I need guidance!!

And I'm muslim...

Dear C,

Your concerns are all legitimate. However, some of your questions can only be answered as you continue to be a sugar baby. Personally, I'm sorry this website wasn't available when I was a struggling art student. When I found out about it I recommended it to several young struggling women students. I sense they do a good job of screening potential clients for the sake of their business.

As for STI's, the guys who sign up for this are far more concerned than you are about bringing home the clap to an unsuspecting wife. She would have him castrated! Even regular social dating carries some risk. So does getting out of bed every morning and leaving your apartment. Life is full of risks.That's what makes it so exciting and worth living.

As a Muslim I hope you ditch the head scarf. What a burden those nasty religious men put on their women. Time for a change is what I'd advise starting with YOU! I really object to all religions that are focused on controlling human sexuality especially when it come to women. Just don't fall in love with a client and do a good job of entertaining them. Sex will be the least of it as I understand. A lot of older successful men just want a pretty thing on their arm to show off around town at expensive restaurants. They are quite easy to manipulate with sweet talk that most all women have in our survival kits. So just enjoy some nice older man lavishing you with gifts and cash to ease your struggle.

This is not the usual advice you would get from more traditional women. But it is what I believe makes more sense than killing ourselves with part time low paying jobs as we struggle to put ourselves through school. Let common sense prevail.

Dr. Betty

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