Is It Normal For Your Vaginal Juice to Taste Lemony?

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Dear Betty Dodson,

I've recently noticed that my "vagina juice" - to want for a better word - is quite acidic, quite lemony, in fact. It is white and creamy, does not have a particular odor - it certainly does not have a bad odor - and I have not experienced any itchiness down there.

After being widowed, and becoming sexually active again, I started taking the pill again around December 2013. After my lover penetrated me, he withdrew so I could give him a blowjob and that was when I noticed the lemony taste. That was about four weeks ago. I mention the pill because I know that alters hormones and it may have something to do with this.

Do I need to go to the doctor to get tested for something? Or is this normal. Let me know what you think.



Dear C,

If you have continued tasting your vaginal juices, then you have noticed it varies quite a bit depending upon our menstrual cycle with hormones fluctuating and of course on our diet. A healthy Vagina is always acidic so the lemony flavor is natural.

If we get too alkaline then the yeast overgrows and we begin to itch. You can Google vaginal health for a lot more information. For now it sounds like everything is OK.

Dr. Betty

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