Is It Normal for Your Ejaculation to Change as You Get Older?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

When I was younger and masturbated, when I ejaculated, I could shoot quite a distance.

I had a strong pulsing of the muscles in my penis and had a good amount of cum. Now when I orgasm only a small amount comes out and it only dribbles out, no pulsing of the muscles at all. I am a 54 year old man with no partner!!

Is this normal as you get older or is there something wrong with me?


Dear S,

It's great to have more men asking questions on D&R. At 54 you are having a similar response to a postmenopausal women when our hormones levels begin to diminish. Also, too many men rely on having sex with a woman and don't keep their sex organ exercised with healthy masturbation. The same as with women, we are advised to keep our pelvic floor muscles toned by doing our Kegel exercises after giving birth. Women who want to maintain an active sex life with strong orgasms continue to tone their PC muscles by actively using them during sex alone or with a partner. To locate these muscles simply stop the flow of urine. To practice using these muscles just squeeze and release then during your masturbation sessions.

The same as some women decide to add hormone replacement, you could check in with a urologist and get a testosterone patch or shots. My friends who've done this have noted an improvement in sexual performance. While we can't turn back the clock to our youth, there's a lot we can do to stay sexually healthy. You've just taken the first step by asking the question.

Dr. Betty

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