I'm Never Wet When I Orgasm

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I'm a great fan of yours. At 67, I've learned a lot from you. Too bad you live in NY and I in AZ. I sure would like to have fun with you. My question is when I orgasm with my vibrator, or with my husband, I'm never wet. My husband thinks I should be.

Please enlighten us. Thanks for all your help. O

Dear O,

The amount of lubrication women have or don't have varies tremendously. I have never had much natural lubrication from my forties on so I have always used copious amounts of my favorite 100% almond oil. Most health food stores carry it. Another obvious factor is that at 67 you are post menopausal which means your estrogen is much lower.) I do NOT recommend the crap Big Pharma puts out.

Go onto the first page of website and check out the left hand column. Menopause is one of our big categories so start reading. Even with HRT I still use plenty of Almond oil. So lube up and remind hubby that guys have Viagra for erection support and we get our electric vibrators for our orgasm support.

Dr. Betty

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