I'm Having a Hard Time Lasting Long Enough to Make Her Come

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Hi Dr. Betty

I am a young man seeing a girl the same age as me.  We have only recently started having sex and I am having a hard time lasting long enough to make her cum. I find her to be wetter then most women I have slept with (which feels amazing) and was wondering if this could be the cause?

In previous relationships I have been long lasting and satisfying or so I've been told. This new relationship though I can't say the same. I am more then generous with my time down south and always wait for her ask me to come inside. I have asked her to be more vocal about her likes and dislikes but she seems to shy or unwilling to give me feed back. Could you give me advise on a way to make her more comfortable sharing with me?

I have heard you reference practicing to hold back an ejaculation and was wondering if you could elaborate on this as well?

Dear K,

It's so sad to know that millions of young men struggle to "hold back" until their GF has an orgasm. Yet, very few women can have an orgasm from penetration only. This is especially true in the early stages of sharing partner sex. Your Girl Friend doesn't know what to tell you because she doesn't know herself due to the absence of masturbation. Imagine that you'd never masturbated during childhood or as a teen and someone asks you how you like to have your dick stroked? You simply don't know and that's embarrassing to say the least.

I suggest you and your GF go onto the website and read around. All of your questions are answered there and it's free for the taking.

Dr. Betty

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