I'm Bisexual: How Can I Find a Woman Willing to Be in a Relationship with Me & My Boyfriend?

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Hi Dr. Betty!

I am bisexual, and I came to terms with this about two years ago. I have been with my boyfriend now for five years. When I told him I was bisexual he told me he already knew (HAHA). We discussed it and he's been very supportive and accommodating. We've had two threesomes with friends of mine since then, and we are looking for something a little more permanent. The problem is, I don't know how to find these magical women who are not disgusted by the notion of being in a triad relationship.

I have thought about trying to be with women separate from my relationship, but my boyfriend doesn't seem to be totally ok with it yet, (but he's getting there) so I'd like to experiment with a triad first. I just can't find women who are open to it! What should I do?

PS I just discovered you blog and YouTube channel today, and I'm so happy I did!!

Dear A,

Welcome to D&R. There is no magic or specific steps involved in finding a woman who will fit your bill. Like most worth while endeavors in life, it will be the usual trail and error.

Continue to enjoy your idea of threesomes and at some point, a woman will appear who satisfies both of your requirements. Meanwhile it will be fun exploring, fantasizing and experimenting. Good luck,

Dr. Betty

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