I Think My Penis is Too Small

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My penis in erection size is 4.2 inches,,and im worried of it,,,so plz tell me is this normal size and sometimes i experience wet dreams a lot??? why this happens...plz tel me...

Dear JC,

You have a penis on the small side, but size isn't everything to many women. It seems to matter most to men. So if you are not gay, your penis will be appreciated by the right woman. It is said that 4.5 to 5 inches is average. But since women rarely orgasm from a penis alone, get my book "Orgasms for Two" and read up on all the other ways to share orgasms with a partners. Like developing a great technique for manual and oral sex.

Your wet dreams is your body unloading the ejaculate that builds up in the testicles. I'd suggest more masturbation to clean out your pipes. Or as my brother used to say, "haul out the ashes." Enjoy yourself and check out my Genital Art Gallery.

Dr. Betty

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