I Like Having My Cervix Hit

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Dr. Betty,

First of all, let me thank you for the fabulous information you have on this site. It's truly amazing.

I did a search on the site, and unfortunately, I couldn't find anything on this topic. You see, I'm a rather petite woman, only 5'2"... However, for some reason, I like having my cervix stimulated vigorously during sex. This wasn't always so, and it started developing after I had my children.

I consider myself lucky that I don't have problems reaching orgasms, they come fast and furious. I gather that it's because I don't have sex that often, so when I have it, it's like fireworks. The thing is that after the initial frantic bout, I'm happy to have a sensual episode. I'm lucky to find men who're considerate and good listeners, and so I explain exactly what I want, and they execute.

One of the things I like the most is to have my cervix pushed gently. This can be an interesting experience for the 'large' fellows possibly because they don't get to go in fully very often. Once they reach bottom, I like them to stay deep and keep massaging my cervix, and the more they do it, the more vigorous they can get.

It is very hard to explain what I feel when I have my insides fully aroused, but it's like nothing else I experience. I usually reach state of pure happiness, and I'm told I smile a lot when I'm at it. Then, I become completely unaware of my surroundings, and in some cases, I've felt like if I'm suspended in the air. Once thing start getting more robust, my body starts tensing and when I'm finally ready to orgasm, I massage my clitoris so I can have, what I call, a total-body orgasm.

These orgasms don't come often, because as I said, I don't have sex that often. They also depend on how patient the man I'm with is. However, when I have them, they can last between a few minutes to half an hour. Interestingly, once I have the first one, I can keep having my cervix hit and have more orgasms. In the end, my only limitation is my body as I get exhausted physically.

I would like to ask... Have you come across other women who enjoy cervical orgasms? I have researched medical sites for some anatomical explanation, and so far, all I have found is a reference regarding its function along these lines:

From WikiDoc:

┬źDuring orgasm, the cervix convulses and the external os dilates. Dr. R. Robin Baker and Dr. Mark A. Bellis, both at the University of Manchester, first proposed that this behavior worked in such a way as to draw any semen in the vagina into the uterus, increasing the likelihood of conception. Later researchers, most notably Elisabeth A. Lloyd, have questioned the logic of this theory and the quality of the experimental data used to back it.┬╗

Dear O,

Yes, I've heard of women who enjoy gentle cervical pressure. One women wanted her uterus pressed into rather firmly. Although I dislike all the "spot" designations inside our vaginas, what you are talking about is referred to as the "Deep Spot." I have been aware of a special sensation with specific requirements.

After I'm very aroused and the uterus lifts, my lovers penis passes into the space that just opened up. I've called it the "cul de sac". Since we don't discuss pleasurable moments in sex in any detail, I speculated his penis was gliding past the Oz (mouth of the uterus) creating an incredible sensation. This required a high level of excitement on my part and a penis that was nearly 8 inches in length with a gentle gliding that lasted at least 10 minutes.

All of those elements are not easy to achieve. Also the position was unconventional. I was lying on my side while he was kneeling and entering me similar to the missionary position while I held a vibrator on my clitoris. In my e-book "Orgasms for Two" I called this the "Meltdown Orgasm". Since I was never able to duplicate it, I forgot about it. Then my sex partner moved along. I'll ask him what his experience has been with his other lovers. To be continued.

Dr. Betty

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