I Have No Sensation in My Vagina

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Hey Dr. Betty!

I have an uncooperative vagina. My clitoris and I get along really really well but my vagina and I? Not so much. For much of my teens I had vaginismus that prevented me from wanting any sort of penetration during masturbation sessions. There was no partner-sex. Now that I'm in my early twenties I have wanted to expand my routine a little and include penetration. So far most of my issues with vaginismus have disappeared, but I now have next to no sensation in my vagina.

I'm not trying to necessarily reach a vaginal orgasm (my clitoral orgasms keep me happy)or female ejaculation or anything to that degree, but for the sake of partner-sex I would just like to feel a little bit of pleasure from being penetrated! So far I have tried clit stim while gently penetrating myself with a dildo. If I go too deep into my vagina it feels straight up uncomfortable. I have also tried just holding the dildo in my vagina while squeezing the vaginal walls on and off and stimulating my clit. Heck, I've tried it without clit stim and still, NO FEELING! What the heck? What is going on here? I am getting the same amount of pleasure from sticking something in my mouth or ear. The fullness is there, but sexual stimulation? Nope!!!


Dear J,

The vagina is the birth canal and other than at the entrance, it offers very little sensation that is sexual other than the fullness you experience. You are a victim of misinformation with all the crap going on about the magical mysterious G spot which is pressing up into the ceiling of the vagina into the urinary tract that is surrounded with erectile tissue that is part of the internal clitoris.

In a sense your concern is a continuation of the ancient idea of vaginal orgasms which many men still would prefer. Our clits are mysterious small and powerful little penises and many guys fear competition. So relax. There is nothing wrong with your vagina except your expectations. During sex with a partner, simply add clitoral stimulation at the same time. Otherwise you're doing fine.

Dr. Betty


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