I Have No Sensation in My Penis

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Hello Betty,

My name is M. i am a 26 year old male . I have a very strange sexual problem which i don't know how to explain. I am very upset. i am facing this problem since 4-5 months. the problem is that when i masturbate i get pleasure but it not's that complete pleasure as i used to have earlier, i mean it feels like something is blocking it. I mean sensation is not deep. but after 4-5 mins i just quickly ejaculate without any control & orgasm is not as pleasurable as it should be. it's same as you take a viagra pill to dead penis nerves. i mean if i masturbate it's not pleasurable at all.

Very rarely i got pleasure as it used to be before.... I hope you getting my point. i am very upset about this. Can this be because of too much masturbation.....because I have been masturbating since many years about 3-4 times a day sometimes even more.....i feared that it might have affected nerves under my penis......Pls tell me what's wrong with me pls

Dear M,

I don't think this is anything permanent but I believe your penis is bored with your masturbation technique. From what you say about masturbating 3-4 times a day, sometimes even more, does not sound inspired to me. Your pattern of quick little jerk-offs doesn't allow time for any sexual build-up. Instead of an orgasm, you are having a response that's more like a hiccup or a sneeze.

I suggest you cut back to three times a week but spend some quality time with yourself. Use some kind of organic lube like coconut oil and begin with a massage of your genitals. Pay attention to what you have in mind and allow yourself to feel some arousal then let it build up to more intensity gradually. Go onto our website for more information. What I say about female orgasms also applies to men who are smart enough to utilize it. In your case, less is more.

Dr. Betty

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