How Long Does it Take a Woman to Orgasm?

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Dr. Betty,

How long does it generally take a woman to orgasm? Time and time again, I hear guys say that their other girlfriends climaxed within 5 to 10 mins of sexual intercourse. I've heard that it can take between 30 minutes or up to 40 to 60 mins for a woman to give her body time to build up to a satisfying orgasm. Is that true?

If it is, why were I and others not taught this valuable information in our sex ed class in school? Who creates the curriculum for sex ed classes? I don't remember learning any valuable information about the female sexual response. It was centered around how males have sex, how to not get pregnant, and how guys ejaculate.

Do you think American schools will ever have sex education classes in public schools that actually teach about female sexuality?

Dear M,

Every time you hear a guy say that his girlfriends climaxed within 5 to 10 minutes of sexual intercourse, you know it's another faked orgasm. Women who fake orgasms don't seem to understand the disservice they do to other women as well as the men who remain ignorant of female sexual response. While it's possible for a few woman to come quickly, the vast majority of us need more time. The point is the longer you take the better the orgasm.

As you observed, sex education in America is sadly lacking when it come to orgasms and pleasure. It's totally controlled by conservative religions that depend upon sexual repression to manipulate the faithful. Therefor, human sexuality remains strictly grounded in procreation. For many men, a dick in a pussy is their favorite kind of stimulation but it's NOT how most women can orgasm. The female genitals along with our orgasmic function is far more complex than just shooting some sperm from a tube into a vagina. However, penetration is a built-in primal drive for both sexes in order to continue our species.

Today given over-population and Earth's dwindling resources, my hope is that sex for pleasure might shift some people's thinking so we can evolve. Organized religions unanimously block progress so we now have "God" as an unnamed foe against progress while religious passions demand a daily dose of "prayer" which is their drug of choice.

So far, the Internet has been my venue for getting out sex information that includes the importance of people having orgasms alone and with each other for pure pleasure. That's the life instinct. I doubt the PTA will ever have anything to do with me or my ideas. But the younger generation with their i-phones and laptops remain our best hope for change and progress.

Dr. Betty

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