How Do I Tell Him I'm Faking My Orgasms?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I've been in a relationship for 4 years and I still haven't had my first orgasm. I've been faking it for all this time. How do I tell my partner and how do I get my first orgasm?

Dear TL,

You must learn how to have an orgasm through experimenting with your own body when you are alone by practicing masturbation. Get my book Sex for One and like they say, read all about it! You will most likely learn that you need some kind of direct clitoral stimulation during intercourse in order to come. Just tell you boyfriend you read a book and learned more about what you like which gives you a better orgasm.

One client who had been faking orgasm discovered that her REAL orgasm was less dramatic than the one she'd been faking. Another woman just brought her vibrator to bed and explained it was her latest discovery. Or come clean and tell your BF the truth. Explain how you are currently learning more about your body and you'll keep him informed. The problem with faking orgasms (and we have all done it at one time or other) is that is keeps men weak when we constantly protect their egos. They deserve better than that. Be sure to check out First Time Orgasm with our search engine.

Dr. Betty

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