How Do I Get BF to Slow Down & Regain Sensitivity?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I've recently started seeing a guy who I know finds me very attractive and has no trouble becoming aroused and getting/maintaining an erection with me. However, we will have sex for a very long time (which is certainly enjoyable) but of course after a while it's TOO much, especially given the size of his penis (very large) and he never comes.

I have considered asking him to masturbate for me to see if this is simply me not knowing how he likes to be touched however I feel it would probably be the same thing. He is circumcised so is this most likely a bad habit of friction fucking and the desensitization that results from doing so?

My question is, is it very likely there is a way to get him to slow down and even regain sensitivity? What can you suggest and how is a good way to approach the subject, given the relationship is casual but I would love to get him to slow down and really move with me because I really enjoy seeing him.

Dear A,

You talk to him the same as you just told me. Start with a big compliment and then tell him what you would REALLY love. For him to slow down so you can dance together with some slow sex. I had a young lover for years who was circumcised and he knew how to do a slow fuck. When I watched him masturbate, he used a very delicate stroke which your guy might (or might not) be able to master. Begin the conversation and see where it goes. You won't know until you try.

He sounds like he'd be worth a conversation. Some men have gone through foreskin reconstruction but it requires time and dedication. Best to just get him to make an effort to develop a slower style of fucking. Most guys really want to please a woman BUT we have to speak up. Mind reading went out with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Sounds like you just might have a Happy New Year.


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