How Do I Find Some Footing with My Aging, Changing Body?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I am under forty. Because I have large breasts, am overweight, and have children, my breasts sag. I've been losing weight, but unfortunately the size, and drooping of my breasts seem to be something I must live with. In addition to that issue, I found out I will need complete upper, and lower dentures.

I am divorced, and I was hoping Betty could maybe help me find some footing in dealing with my aging, changing body, and the possibility of beginning again with someone new later in life. These things about me weren't things I had to deal with when I was a teenager dating, or even when I married my first husband at age 20. I'm not sure I know how to start with someone new when everything about me seems to be falling apart.

Thank you in advance for you time. I love the YouTube videos. I've learned so much from you, and look forward to them every week. *hugs*


Dear R,

Under 40 is just a kid in my book since I'm 85. So who said we must have some imaginary perfect perky breasts anyway? Get hold of your anger and tell the arbiters of fashion and what's considered to be sexually "hot" to go to Hell! Most men are so horny they'd fuck a goat and here you are worried about sagging boobs. Believe me, any guy who scores you will be thrilled just to touch a warm naked woman's body. Besides 20 was way too young to get married and begin a family. So now is YOUR Time to enjoy life and that includes sex with yourself and some really nice guys.

I got an upper denture in my fifties and thought my life was over. How could I ever talk, teach or kiss someone and ever enjoy sex again. After doing some serious investigating, I discovered an upper denture when made well will stay in place. BUT a lower denture is a pain the the ass and usually requires using that nasty denture glue. So I found a dental school that charged far less and got some implants that could be used to anchor a lower denture. Gradually more lower implants went in and with a well fitting upper, I've been happy with the results for the past 30 some years.

Now here's the best part. When I'm in the mood, I remove the upper denture and deliver a blow job that makes men swoon. I don't do it unless I'm inspired. For many years, none of my friends even knew I had a denture. Most simply thought I had a great dentist! My dear woman, the best is yet to come so get ready for the next phase of your life that will include orgasms with yourself and many other lovers until you find a keeper!

By the way, on the Chinese calendar I'm the sign of the snake. For many years I wore snakeskin boots ( Python I think) that I believed guided and grounded me in my quest to liberate women's orgasms. I wore them for nearly 20 years and I'm sorry I recycled them. If you ever see a pair size 9, let me know. Meanwhile it's time for you to begin enjoying your sex life. You've paid your dues.

Dr. Betty

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