How Can I Rejuvenate My Vagina Post-Cancer?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I had breast cancer at age 35 and a recurrence at age 41. I am now 44 and living with advanced breast cancer. My problem is that I had my ovaries out because my cancer is sensitive to estrogen. I am therefore in menopause and have developed what my GYN calls "vaginal atrophy," dried, thin vaginal tissue that makes penetration painful.

I also find it difficult to orgasm. My doctors have said that I shouldn't take estrogen treatment because of my cancer. Is there any other way that I can rejuvenate my vagina to make intercourse enjoyable again!


Dear A,

What a dilemma you are facing. I'm taking an estrogen made from the soybean plant that I get from a compounding pharmacy. Given your situation I don't know if just using a lot of lubrication will work. It didn't work for me. I would suggest you focus on sharing other forms of sex that do not include vaginal penetration. Oral and manual sex is often preferred by many men especially older guys.

The medical professionals for whom I have little to no respect are pumping us full of Big Pharma's meds. Than add to that all the fast food and it's a wonder anyone in America is able to enjoy sex who's past 30. I hope you are conscious about what you eat. Some women have arrested cancer with organic raw juices and food.

The good news is that your clitoris still functions. What a great sex organ! Don't hesitate to get a good vibrator like the Magic Wand or the Eroscillator. Also anal sex became one of my favorites when I was in my seventies (the youth of old age.) If you want to explore this further get my e-book *Orgasms for Two* where I go into more detail about anal eroticism.

I admire you for continuing to seek some form of sex with a partner. And I realize that most men long to get inside a vagina. After all, it's where they came from. But given your situation, sex toys to the rescue. The Fleshlight (feels just like a pussy) will thrill him and the Eneros will tickle his prostate. Really Darling, you just might become the hottest fuck on campus. Let me know what worked best for you.

Dr. Betty

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