How Can I Recreate the Ecstasy of Pregnant Sex?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

Why is it that my sex life becomes so much more physically satisfying when I'm pregnant? My breasts actually become erogenous zones that I want my husband to play with and I enjoy really strong, powerful, intense, wonderful, screaming orgasms! (Lucky me!) This is my fourth baby, and we are done! How do I recreate these physical conditions/sensations after I deliver?

I'd really like to keep this intensity and physical enjoyment. Note: Non-pregnant sex is wonderful, but pregnant sex is just soooooo much better.



Dear JD,

Mother nature knew what she was doing to procreate the planet. When you're pregnant, you're pumping an enormous amount of hormones. Also the fact that a new life is being created is very profound. Pregnancy is a unique phase that really can't be duplicated.

However, you're orgasms can still be very gratifying without being pregnant. You'll just have to add fantasy and maybe some sex toys later on to keep it lively. You can always cherish the fond memories of pregnant sex.

Dr. Betty


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