How Can I Keep My Vagina Lubricated?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I'm 20 years old, I've been active since I was 15, my first partner was as well a virgin and was my so call "first love" sex was great I felt so arroused and satisfied. We broke everything off about two years ago...since Ive had about 4 partners and have not felt the same since...until my recent one....

Our first time having sex was our first date I felt uncomfortable unease and very rushed...Second Time was still a bit weird but well it was normal...The third time was WOW!... he played music for me and for the first time ever a guy played with my body before having sex and helped a lot towards having so much more pleasure than usual...BUT after a while my vagina starts getting very dry he wants to keep on and I dont but I dont know how to stay lubricated for long..and on top of that I have not reached an orgasm in years...literally and want to feel it again...what do you recommend Dr.Betty...

Dear CC.

I always recommend using additional lubrication for all forms of penetration. Our natural vaginal wetness can be thin and dries out quickly which is what happened to you. For condoms use a waterbased lube. If you are on the pill and he's not using a condom my Almond massage oil is great. We also have a good water based lube in the sex shop. To have your orgasm during penetration sex, add direct clitoral stimulation with your hand or a small battery vibe. We all respond to erotic touch before, during and after partner sex. Lots of masturbation inbetween is the best way to develop your orgasms. Check out First Time Orgasm using our search engine.

Dr. Betty

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