How Can I Ejaculate Faster?

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Dear Dr. Betty,

I know women joke around & say that they wish men would last longer. Well in my (admittedly low) sexual experience most women can only take about 20 minutes before they are worn out. Wheras i take a minimum of twenty minutes but i usually take 45-80 minutes to climax don't get me wrong i orgasm every 10 minutes or so but i take to long to ejaculate. & it is NOT death grip syndrome because in a loose vagina i cum faster than i do in a tight one.

The first woman i made love without a condom was VERY loose i could punt my hand inside her to the wrist & then ball up a fist inside her we both loved that but she couldn't take a pre balled up fist her vaginal opening was not THAT loose. Anyway ever since her ive found it easier to cum faster the looser the girl was. My loss of virginity was actually a horror show she loved it came 3 times but she was way too tight as was the condom so i actually asked my buddy to set me up with the loosest girl he knew & he did & i had a LOT of fun with her.

A contributing factor to my preference of loose is my girth 5.75 in circumference. If i put an empty toilet paper tube on it soft & get it hard the hydraulic pressure pushes it off. I have gotten a few ouches in my time. But i digress please help me to cum faster with women so i don't make their pussies sore from an hour+ of friction please help.

P.S i can't cum from bjs but watching deep throat vids during sex makes me pop much faster but i don't wanna lean on that crutch + i wanna try to be able to cum from a bj as well if theres anything you can help me w/ on that front as well. (Also please take this as the compliment it is meant as & not as the vulgarity of the wording) i would fuck you both silly until your thighs turned to jelly from cumming so much.

Dear D,

Both Carlin and I drooled when I read her your email. (Where are you located?) Other than finding women who love to fuck, the other thing you might try is to masturbate or have your partner give you a hand job and get yourself turned on sufficiently so that you will come faster during fucking. Really I know this can be troubling for some women, but back in the day, I felt satisfied after a groupsex party when I had my way with between 8 to 10 men!

The other recommendation is to use a lot of additional lubrication. As for blow jobs, I'd suggest you hire a professional. Most young girls today often don't know to hold the shaft of the penis while they work on the upper part of Mr. Happy. I'd say count your blessings. This is what I'd call a "high class problem" that can be solved with a woman who has had multiple births or one who just has a large pussy.

Dr. Betty

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