Here Comes the Pleasure Revolution

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There are several media pieces coming out about the Bodysex Summit and Betty's life work. We didn't plan it but somehow interest in Bodysex, the certification program, Betty's 88th birthday and her upcoming episode on Broad City = some pretty amazing press.

This article ran yesterday on iNews and it's pretty amazing. Here are my favorite quotes (and they chose all the best pics):

“Betty started the dialogue by insisting that the clitoris is a woman’s primary sex organ,” says Ross. “Words like ‘masturbation’ and ‘clitoris’ trend with the release of her feminist classic Liberating Masturbation.”

Betty Dodson is equally optimistic and in 2016 declared the arrival of the next wave of feminism: the sexual wave. “We never really dealt with sex before besides birth control and abortion,” she adds. “Here comes the pleasure revolution.”

There are times when you question whether your work is relevant. Betty kept plugging away...talking about the clitoris, vulva styles, independent orgasms, pleasure, and equality. To see news outlets and fashion mags talk about the internal clitoris and vulva pride must be so healing for Betty.

She carried the torch for so long and now it's rippling out into the culture. I think we are in the middle of a pleasure revolution. What a wonderful ride it's going to be...

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