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I eagerly anticipated this workshop since Betty’s 90th Birthday Retreat at the end of July.  The joyful orgasmic energy that flourished within me during those incredible five days of sisterhood was overflowing and I felt anxious to move it forward into the world. As the workshop date grew closer,  I thought this circle wasn’t going to happen. A couple of weeks before the workshop was scheduled, I didn’t have enough registrations. I felt so sad and discouraged! I was about to cancel with those who had committed when I received two more registrations.  With five confirmed, we had enough to move forward. I learned that just like I can’t chase an orgasm, I can’t chase a circle. The right women come at the right time for Bodysex. Thankfully, this circle was meant to be.

I was thrilled that my Bodysex sister Wendy from Ontario, Canada agreed to make the long drive to Ohio in order to attend and assist with this workshop.  Wendy and I became good friends when we took our certification class together and we also attended both Bodysex retreats with Betty and Carlin at Menla.  Wendy was a huge help as we transformed my home into a space for Bodysex.  I couldn’t wait to share Wendy’s friendship, wisdom, and positive energy in this circle.

Me & Wendy
                             Me and Wendy

Finally on Saturday afternoon, the five of us were together for the workshop.  I loved that our ages spanned across decades:  20’s, 30’s, 50’s, and 60’s. There is so much value for all of us when an intergenerational group of women gather to share our experiences. “We are all Goddesses,” I thought as I looked around the circle during our opening. Together, we would support each other on our journey to become more of who we are meant to be.

Genital Show and Tell is a big step toward self-love in sisterhood. As we got ready to start, I sensed the nervous anticipation in the room. When I took my first workshop, I remember how hard it was to be vulnerable and allow myself to be seen in front of an audience.  These days, it seems so natural for me to spread my legs and share my vulva in the circle.  Wendy offered to sit next to me for support as I kicked off show and tell with my pussy, Lauriebelle. Although I was comfortable, it felt good to have Wendy next to me with her arm around my shoulder.  As each woman took their turn at my side in front of the mirror and light, the rest of us were eager to see what was kept hidden between her legs.  We “oohed and aahed” over the unique beauty of every vulva. I was particularly delighted to find my own vulva twin!  Of course our vulvas are not identical, but both of us share a very generous and pillowy outer labia with petite inner lips and a prominent clitoris. Seeing another vulva so similar to mine validated that my pussy was indeed okay and normal.  Acknowledging the beauty of her vulva helped deepen my appreciation of my own.

After Genital Show and Tell, the women seemed more relaxed and ready to share intimately.  Sharing the physical parts of ourselves that aren’t usually revealed then having our sex organs validated and appreciated enables us to connect with our deepest truths and emotions.  When we take the risk to open our legs and discover that it’s safe, we are ready to open our hearts and souls.

During the rest of day one, we focused on discovering genital pleasure.  Exploring without the goal of orgasm is necessary to help us pinpoint exactly what feels good and take note. With hands well-lubed with almond oil, we began massaging our own outer labias to get the blood flowing.  Slowly, we explored touching our inner labia, vaginal opening, and finally all around the clitoris.  We tried different fingering techniques and took notice which side of the clit was more sensitive to touch.  We talked about what felt good for each of us. We shared our favorite sex toys and how to “Macgyver” various toys and items together to assist with pleasure. I’m now on the lookout for the vibrating roll massager, aka “fuck log” sold periodically at Aldi’s!

Day two was a busy one! After we explored the settings on the Magic Wand, we used it over our bodies to discover new areas of pleasure. Some of us loved to vibe our shoulders, the belly button, and the back of the knees.  Then we moved on to moving our bodies with the vibrators to music:  Aretha’s “Freeway of Love”, Lizzo’s “Juice”, and Arianna Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”.  Engaging our hips, torso, legs, and arms in movement connects us to our bodies and gives us permission to move sexually. Some of us proved to be Dancing Queens!  It was all about finding fun with movement.

Now we were ready to explore pleasure with genital stimulation. We talked about Betty’s Four Types of Orgasms:  Pressure, Tension, Relaxation, and Combination then reflected on which type we usually experience.  Next Wendy was our “stunt cunt” to demonstration the Rock and Roll technique, combining tension and relaxation. Then we practiced the Rock and Roll together while I prompted the pace.  This was following by practice of the Pillow Fuck and the Yoga (Indian) Style techniques. As we explored, we experimented with varying pressure, using tension and relaxation, breath, sound, and physical movement. All of this stimulation was very arousing for me and I had to consciously delay my orgasm.  I could tell that we were all heating up with desire. Time for Erotic Recess!

Me, happy & satisfied at the end of Erotic Recess

Once we got down to business, it didn’t take long for the orgasms to erupt.  And we kept them coming! I know that my orgasms got progressively stronger.  Based on the sights and sounds in the room, I wasn’t the only one!  We rocked Erotic Recess like true Goddesses of Orgasm!

Here were my important take-away messages from our weekend together:

  • Our past sexual experiences and sharing them within the circle of sisterhood enables us to feel more integrated and authentic so that we are able to become more of who we are meant to be.
  • Sexuality has no age limit. Pleasure has no expiration date. Our sexual experiences can just keep getting better, if we make the effort to continue our sexual journey.
  • It’s important to experiment and explore pleasure and your orgasm. New experiences enable the discovery of new techniques that can bring a different orgasm experience.  Pleasure is a journey, not a destination.

 With deepest gratitude to my newest Goddess sisters for an incredible weekend!

Miss Willow Trousers
Foo Foo Queen
Little Miss Lee

From Lauriebelle

Bodysex Workshop, September 7-8, 2019

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