Every Time I Have Sex My Cervix Bleeds

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Dear Dr. Betty,

Every time I have intercourse my cervix bleeds when the penis bumps against it, slightly painful but not in a bad way. Sometimes the bleeding is just spotting and other times more like a menstrual flow, but lasts just a few hours. I've seen a specialist and they said they could not find anything out of the ordinary that would cause this. Do I just have a sensitive or 'short' cervix? Is their any way to help this or should I just get used to it happening and prepare partners accordingly? (though the few I've had so far don't really seem to mind) I'm not really interested in asking my partner to only have shallow strokes as to avoid bumping me. Help?

Dear P,

No this is not normal. Anytime something bleeds on a regular basis other than your period indicates something is out of whack. First lets get our terms clear. Your cervix should not be slammed into by some Jock with a big dick. (Of course your bleeding doesn't bother him. It's your body not his). The vagina is the passage way to your cervix that is the mouth of the uterus. Make an effort to look at a drawing of your internal sex organ.

When a woman is fully aroused (which seldom happens in our fast paced society with men who are rarely skilled lovers) the uterus actually lifts up and creates more space at the end of the vagina. It's called "ballooning." When this happens the penis is NOT banging into the cervix. It would take most women from 15 to 45 minutes of a warm up. Fat chance right?

The other problem is that the younger generation has been raised on porn as sex ed and porn is actually entertainment for men often at a woman's expense. But at least the porn star is getting paid and you're not. I suggest you consider what you want in a sexual exchange not just pleasing him. There is such a thing as a slow sensuous fuck while a woman's clitoris is being engaged. That's when you grab his hips and pull him as close as you can get because you just can't get enough. Until you get that hot, there are positions where the woman can control the depth of penetration.

Dr. Betty

Our Resident MD Dr. Lauri Romanzi also answered this question:

Get thee to another gynecologist. Post-coital bleeding, whether painless, a little painful or excruciating, warrants further follow-up. It is not normal. Is the vaginal skin tearing? Is there a cervical polyp? An endometrial (inside the uterine lining) polyp? Cancer of the cervix or uterus? Adenomyosis (spongy thick uterine lining that likes to bleed)? Endometriosis? Chlamydia infection (notorious for all sorts of bizarre symptoms, including abnormal uterine bleeding). Bleeding after intercourse is not normal. You need a second opinion, and if any sonograms are done, make sure they’re done by a radiologist in a radiology facility.