"Edging" is a Form of Orgasm Control

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One of my all-time favorite bands is Yes, an English rock band which achieved success with their progressive and symphonic style of rock music full of mystical and cosmic lyrics with complex instrumental and vocal arrangements. One of their early albums is titled “Close to the Edge” and this also happens to be a fitting way to describe my masturbatory practices.

Edging, also referred to as surfing or peaking, is a form of orgasm control involving a high level of sexual arousal maintained over extended periods of time. The pleasure can be so great so as to create intense euphoric states and altered states of consciousness.  Edging has afforded me many benefits in my life and I want to share some of them with you.

Pleasure- Each hand and body movement, the aaaahhhhs and the oooohhhhs, the tingling and warmth are parts of a sustained sensual crescendo in my improvised uninhibited erotic drama. Time and space merge into a boundless moment where I seemingly float along the crests and surges of sublime ecstasy. My edging sessions are invigorating adventures entailing adrenalin jolts, endorphin rushes, and sex hormone cocktails spiced with exhilarating fantasies that transport me to my personal Xanadu. Among all the sensorial pleasures, I treasure edging as one of the most gratifying.

Self-love- I love myself for who I am and for who I am discovering I can be. Edging is an ‘extended visa’ allowing me unrestricted travel over the contours of my body and into the deepest refuges of my mind. I savor my eroticism and honor my sexuality. I am my best lover and share this prowess with my life partner. Edging nourishes my self-love resulting in a kind of gentle acceptance, an unconditional sense of support and caring, and a core of compassion for myself. I am willing to meet my own needs, allow myself to feel and think whatever I feel and think, and see myself as essentially worthy, good, valuable, and belonging in the world, deserving of happiness.

Physical Health- I am a healthy, fit, agile 62 year old male still gaining muscle mass, free from any geriatric prescriptions, and loving life to the fullest. Edging is a prolonged continuous stimulus of the sex glands which produce the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. These hormones fortify the muscular and skeletal systems as well as certain cognitive functions and memory. The sexual energy flowing throughout the entire nervous system also stimulates the immune system and metabolism accompanied by a formidable cardiovascular workout. Edging therefore is one of the healthiest and most easily available exercises.
Mental Health- I am centered in a happy, positive, and appreciative mindset.

Edging contributes to satisfying my sexual needs and appetites making me feel whole and realized. Edging stimulates various parts of the brain including the emotional, visual, plus the sexual arousal and activity areas. Edging enriches the health of my brain and the salubrity of my mind. I have an inner peace, harmony, and sense of universal connection with life across micro and macro levels.

Discipline Improvement- I have been exploring edging for close to four decades. Initially, my proclivity for full body orgasms and ejaculation hindered the transition to edging. However, with determination and practice I eventually managed to extend the periods of successful edging to span weeks, months, even years. By improving this sexual discipline, I have gained a sense of accomplishment that permeates everything I do personally, socially, musically, athletically, and professionally. I live with purpose and design and can tap into a sense of self-efficacy guiding me to the realization of my dreams.