Do You Feel There's a Double Standard: Male vs Female Bisexuality?

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Hi Dr. Betty & Carlin:

I have had good heterosexual sex throughout my life. Now, at 50, I'm more interested in ever to have sex with another male. Seems that my most arousing fantasies these days involve sucking a beautiful hard cock and fucking and getting fucked hard by another guy... It's such a hot fantasy!

My question is, do you feel there's a double standard when it comes to male vs female bisexuality. I feel that somehow it's seen as OK for the girls to fuck other girls, but for boys to fuck is just down right gay. Your feedback is respected and appreciated!


Dear B,

Absolutely YES there is a double standard for Bisexuality. Our Macho society sees two women having sex as doubling their pleasure. A Threesome with two women is most straight men's favorite fantasy. BUT when it comes to a dude sucking a cock, then all the Mr. Machos freak the fuck out! I've had this question from many straight men who eventually find they are interested in dicks. Hooray, I say. Finally! It makes sense to me since they have one of their own.

Men are so uptight in so many departments but especially about "masculinity" to the point they will join some fighting force and get their balls shot off just to prove they're not cowards. If I were a guy, I'd be a conscientious objector. And if I had a dick, I would obviously be interested in sucking one just out of healthy curiosity to see how it feels.

I felt the same way about going down on a pussy. While I did learn from it and found it enjoyable, I never became a lesbian who lusted for pussy. I admit that I am still a "cock junkie" but I prefer the company of women! My current sex label is Heterosexual-Bisexual-SM Leather Dyke-Professional Masturbating Sexologist!
Until we can experience all the labels we really haven't had a full sexlife! Always follow your interests as life is too short to leave anything out.

Dr. Betty

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