Did I Get Sexually Wild at 50?

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Dear Betty,

I am an attractive professional woman who is a flight attendant for a well known Airline and just recently turned 50 and still have a sexy body and legs. MY husband and I have been married for 14 yrs with no kids and he works nights for an automotive company. We have ok sex regularly but I don't always have orgasms with him. My husband thinks old fashioned religious beliefs and would not approve of me masturbating.

When I am home alone and he has gone to work I enjoy relaxing and experimenting with different ways to masturbate to orgasm. And I love the intense screaming explosive orgasms. I just learned to edge my orgasms. I am masturbating more now than when I was younger. I don't try anything harmful but some things I try to bring myself to orgasm with are embarrassing but the orgasms are SO SO intense. I have to be discreet so household items are sometimes used with cucumbers and water jets,vacuum pump,etc.

I have the best female friend ever who I confide in, and she has been in an open marriage for 10yrs. She is 40 her husband is 38 and Lisa has shared a lot about masturbation with me and suggested for me to try a "Don't ask, don't tell" sex with her and her husband. I have been a faithful wife but had to try it once. I never knew my first time would be so much pleasure with another woman and another man. I promised myself I would not let her husband cum inside me, but he was giving me intense multiple orgasms which he had amazing control and I lost control.

I locked my legs around him as he picked up the pace and moaned that he was going to cum. I screamed " Cum inside me" - don't know why I yelled out? he grunted and forcefully started cumming inside me causing me to explode in orgasm again. Good thing I can't get pregnant because he shot a big load inside me and I mean a lot. Lisa was saying just let it happen it's ok. I know I can't tell my husband so I think I will just enjoy masturbating privately. Did I get sexually wild at 50????????

Thank you Betty I love everything you and Carlin stand for.


Dear D,

You deserve any and all sexual pleasures you can manage. Congratulations! Just keep your own council and hubby will never know. Sex is really a form of adult play after we have done having children. Enjoy yourself.

Dr Betty

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