Critiquing Your Dick Pics with Love

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I adore this new tumblr blog Critiquing your Dick Pics with Love, 100% ANON No Size Shaming.

It's not clear whether a man or woman is running this blog but it's so refreshing to hear someone critique male sexual expression, for men to present themselves with the same desire to be "sexy".  The critique is never about the penis per se but about the lighting, cropping, and overall presentation.  In many ways, dic pics are a new art form. 

Here's a sample:

dic pic


"sender, this is a good & simple dick pic.

you know the drill: i’m happy that you’re gripping the base of your cock, & i’m always pleased to see more hand than dick in a dick pic. your stomach is an attractive background & the pose is bedroom-like and alluring. also, this is idiosyncratic, but i really, really love houndstooth, so i am enjoying the little flash of it in the bottom left hand corner.

the only downside to this picture is that it’s slightly on the safe side; it would need some kind of additional “wow” factor to push it into full-mark territory but i’m definitely, definitely not mad at it as is.

thank you for submitting to your dick pic gets an A-."

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