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I applaud Sara X Mills for blogging about why she removed her breast implants.  It's not often that women display this sort of honesty with respect to their bodies and failed plastic surgery.

She confirmed what I always thought about implants - they're not forever.  You have to replace them every 7-10 years even if you don't have any complications.  Even saline implants are encassed in silicone and the new cohesive silicone implants CAN leak.  Most importantly, you can develop a host of medical issues that aren't covered by your insurance like Sara experienced:

"Starting almost immediately after implant, I began to feel unwell. By month three, I had developed anxiety and digestive issues, then joint pain, then chronic sinus infections so bad I had to have surgery, then crazy hormone imbalances & ovarian cysts, then hypothyroid, then random food allergies, then my adrenals went haywire. I have recurring Epstein-Barr virus that I never had before implants. I had trouble concentrating, brain fog, fatigue. I had almost constant soreness in my chest, especially on the left side. By the time I explanted I was having heart palpitations and trouble feeling like I was getting enough oxygen when I worked out, even doing simple stuff. My left nipple stopped working and my entire left breast was numb within a couple of months of implant. I didn’t realize that my pectoral muscles would be CUT off of my sternum to place the implants (that’s why they looked so NATURAL), so I lost almost all of my upper body strength pretty much immediately. I had to give up pole dancing and any hopes I had of being able to do aerials. COOL.

At the beginning of 2016 I decided that I didn’t want to feel so shitty all the time and I surely didn’t want to have to take thyroid pills every single damn day for the rest of my life, so I started looking up ways to heal the thyroid naturally, how to overcome autoimmune disorders, if it was possible to heal from celiac disease… and I ended up stumbling upon a bunch of women with breast implants who had THE SAME EXACT PROBLEMS AS ME.

Check out for more info."

All told her implants and associated medical expenses set her back tens of thousands of dollars and she ended up having mastoplexy. Her story is quite compelling - a must read for anyone thinking about going under the knife.

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