Can a Woman Have Too Many Orgasms?

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My wife and I have been married for 25 years. We both take care of ourselves as much as possible via Bowflex etc.

My question is about my wife and her double digit orgasms. She has approximately 30 to 60 orgasms in a two hour session of love making. These are clitoral (about 5), vaginal (about 40) and ejaculation from multiple sources. I am wondering if this is normal as her orgasms can last as long as thirty seconds and the number and intensity seem to increase and not decrease.
As a cardiac physiologist I am trained in both anatomy & physiology but this phenomenon is new to me and the longer we are married the more intense and the more frequent her orgasms become: is there a problem?

That said, I can rarely orgasm due to desensitization from Lumbar spine surgery and colon surgery. This does not bother me per se but her ability to have mega-orgasms leaves me wondering.

Lastly, her orgasms only stop when she is so tired she almost collapses from exhaustion. The woman is a machine and it is beginning to concern me.

Thank you for your time in relation to this inquiry.

Dear J,

As a sexologist with 40 years of clinical experience I have never had a client who presented this kind of pattern. If she has Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome or Disorder, PSAS or PSAD then she would most likely complain that she is never satisfied. The other possibility is that she is counting aftershocks of pleasure that follow a full orgasm. These autonomic chills and thrills continue as long as some form genital stimulation continues (most likely clitoral and for many women a vibrator).

Finally she could also be faking some of these orgasms to please an old dog like you. Either way, as long as she is not complaining about NEVER being satisfied, I'd just enjoy the ride. If it's beginning to feel like you are under some kind of pressure to "do her" get the Magic or Mystic Wand vibrator and let her knock herself out while you take a break. If it's PSAS, to date there's no solution. If that's the case, maybe this will be your next research project. I'd love to know what a learned man like yourself discovers. Please keep me in the loop.

Dr. Betty

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