Can Marijuana Increase Libido?

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Hi Betty,

I'm a 30 year old, self-employed female who has been in a long term (5 year) relationship with a man, two years my senior. We're both relatively healthy, attractive, and out-going. As can (probably) be expected, we have sex a lot more infrequently these days than we did in the first three years of our relationship, when we weren't running our own business, and things were still pretty new.

A lot of days I'm too run down to initiate sex. I would rather veg out for a half hour to a tv show and then go to sleep than to have sex. Also, I'm not nearly as horny as I was when I was younger (teen - mid 20s). I have no children, and no plans to.

Recently, I smoked a little bit of pot and noticed a significant increase in my libido. I've smoked quite a few times since and every time I smoke it has the same effect. I will get high, come down a little bit, and feel extremely horny.

My partner isn't always around, so if he is sleeping or away from the house, I will masturbate. I have amazing orgasms and am more able to have multiple orgasms back to back after smoking some of the forbidden plant. What I would like to know is: Is this a normal reaction to smoking pot? Will this effect go away if I smoke long term? Am I more than likely self-medicating some other hidden issue?

In all honesty, I have no desire to stop smoking at this point. It decreases my desire to drink alcohol to a complete standstill. It increases my libido. It relaxes me. I'm having no real feedback telling me that it's a bad idea. I guess maybe I'm looking for one...

I'd love your opinion.


Dear LZ,

When it comes to the magic herb, I will say it is the only true aphrodisiac I've ever encountered.

Alcohol is a depressant while marijuana is really a high. It slows down our brain waves so we can more readily access our bodily senses. The latest book that deals with couples lack of sexual interest is titled, "Mating in Captivity." We have a piece on the site that deals with this. Check it out. Your response is normal. It will remain for a long time with extended use, and I doubt you are covering some hidden issue. The only reason pot isn't legal is thanks to the liquor and pharmaceutical lobbyists in DC. Enjoy!

Dr. Betty

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