That 'Broad City' Sex Therapy Episode Was Actually Revolutionary

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Glamour ran a piece on Broad City's "Witches" episode written by a young woman who has taken two Bodysex workshops.  She's part of the sisterhood.

Below she describes why "Witches" was so profound:

When it comes to female orgasms in particular, it's rare to see a portrayal that's not catering to men. Often, there's a close-up of a conventionally attractive, ecstatic face, complete with seductive moans (think Black Swan). Orgasming through intercourse is practically depicted as the norm (as in Amelie) even though it happens regularly for only a quarter of women.

Betty directly addresses the myth that women should be able to experience big, dramatic orgasms through several thrusts from a man, regardless of the encounter's emotional (or, in this case, political) context. "Orgasms are a journey. They start in your mind," she tells Ilana. "It's not going to be easy."

I find myself yelling, "yes, yes, yes".  Finally, we had a real depiction of female sexuality and our orgasm challenges.

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