Bodysex & Erotic Recess in Elle UK

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From the Guardian to Huffington Post to Elle UK, we've had a Bodysex PR run that still has us tingling.  Not only are these articles sex positive, but the women who wrote them experienced bodysex first hand and understand the essence of Betty's work. 

I love Stephanie's description of "erotic recess" for Elle UK:

I’m distracted from the octogenarian’s ecstasy by the sound of Spain and Nor- way coming. I start fishing around in my head for some suitable fantasy, then suddenly I feel a foot on mine – it belongs to‘Sandra Bullock’. I’m worried about being the bisexual at the party – I don’t think we are supposed to eroticise our classmates. Still, the sensation sends a rush of energy through my body. I decide to cast the vibrator aside and go for manual stimulation. Suddenly, I can visualise the cleavage of the cocktail waitress at the bar last night and that starts something o

Then Norway starts to orgasm again (or is that still the noise from her first one?), and I hear the kindergarten teacher on the other side of the room (I note with relief that she’s using the manual method, too), followed by groans from ‘Sandra Bullock’. It’s impossible not to get pulled into the wave of sexual energy in the room.

I come, and then I hear Betty say, ‘You’re not done yet, honey!’ She takes the cement mixer, puts a condom on the head, and I see it heading towards my vulva. I think I’m being electrocuted. Then I just go with it. I don’t hold my breath or pull back and, suddenly, I don’t think any more. Soon I’m in outer space, having some mad cosmic orgasm. I’m aware of the fact that I’m writhing around on the floor making this moaning sound that I don’t even recognise. But I’m beyond caring. We all laugh uncontrolla-bly at the end of our orgasms – something that rarely happens when I do it on my own. ‘Sandra Bullock’ announces, ‘It feels like free drugs!’ Betty retorts, ‘You’re orgas-mic! This is what people don’t know. This is female sexuality. We’re endless.’

Can't wait for this Fall's workshops :0

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