Because Circumcision Generates $1B/Year

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has argued that circumcision doesn't appear to adversely affect penile sexual function although they admit that the true complication rate of circumcision is unknown. Joel Smart follows the money:

"Brian Earp, who writes Practical Ethics for the University of Oxford, suggests that at least part of the answer comes by following the money. “The AAP is not a dispassionate scientific research body, but rather a trade association for pediatricians,” he explains, “Those among its members and stakeholders who perform [circumcisions] stand to profit from the procedure, to the collective annual tune of $1.25 billion.”

While the point isn’t that the statement is entirely driven by profit, it’s undeniable that money is a motivating factor; the AAP explicitly requested circumcision funding from medical insurance companies. Currently circumcision is classified as “cosmetic surgery” due to the fact that it is unnecessary and removes normal, healthy tissue."

$1B is alot of money to leave on the table. Betty always talks about how her mother wouldn't let anyone "touch my boys" and refused to have them circumcised. I'm with Bessie.

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