The Basic Structures of Your Vulva

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Betty has championed the distinction of "vulva" vs "vagina" for decades and there's a very important reason.  Your vulva is your clitoral glans, inner and outer labia and your vaginal opening.  Your clitoris exists solely for pleasure.  Women can enjoy multiple orgasms and limitless pleasure when they stimulate their "clitoral system". 

Women have as much erectile tissue as men.  We get internal erections and our clitoris is just the visible portion of our complex clitoral system.  We have internal structures - the legs and the bulbs of the clitoris - a pleasure wishbone running through our labia and around our vaginal opening.

Our vagina is a canal.  There are pleasurable parts but that varies with each woman.  The best orgasm is the combination orgasm when we combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration.  The vagina is wonderful but serves two purposes: pleasure and birth.  Our clitorises exist solely for pleasure.

Here are some pics of my vulva with some simple anatomical descriptions.  Please feel free to use these images in presentations and your blogs as long as you clearly label D& 

My Vulva


My Vulva

Happy Orgasms.