Are Sleep Orgasms Normal?

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Hi Dr. Betty,

I am curious about the phenomenon of sleep orgasms.

I know they are normal but I am getting them once or twice every week or 2 weeks. I haven't masturbated for 3-4 months now and is this the reason why i am getting them? By masturbating, will that reduce the amount of sleep orgasms that i am getting since it may be the way of my body releasing the sexual desires? I have been masturbating since i was very young until now and i am healthy, non sexually active and 22 (female).

The research that i have done where some ladies get sleep orgasms every night, every other day, a couple times a month... is that all normal? Also, the reason why i am asking is because i think my uti symptoms are coming back where the feeling of needing to pee constantly with a mixture of arousal feeling where i cannot tell apart which is which. I am worried of pgad because the stories i have read and i do not want it. Could the worries of my anxiety be causing this (been really stressed out lately)?

Can masturbation and the amount of orgasms cause pgad? or the fact that i am not masturbating since my body got used to it cause the arousal feeling? I am not constantly aroused but the symptoms are not there when i don't focus on it and when i do, it really feels like its there and the lack of information of sleep orgasms which also contributes to my anxiety not knowing whether they are normal or not also plays a factor for psyching myself out.

Your insights are greatly appreciated! thanks!

Dear E,

Sleep orgasms are lovely. So relaxed and easy. Just enjoy them. Once you actually start masturbating again, which I recommend, they will go away. The UTI has nothing to do with sleep orgasms. Get a white powder called DiMannose and mix it with some water and drink it. You can order it online.

Sorry but I have no idea what pgad is about. There is a lot of disinformation online. Don't consume so much of it. Darling, you sound a bit nuerotic. Just keep reading on the website and educating yourself sexually.

Dr Betty

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