Are My Sex Dreams Ruining My Relationships?

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Hi Betty,

I've been having trouble sticking to the right guy for more than a few months. I'm currently single drowning myself in romance novels and having a recurring dream for the past two weeks.

In my dream I don't know this person and, i barely look at him. I feel so much pleasure during the dream. I wake up and I am all hot and sweaty even with the AC on.

I've looked up online what recurring sex dreams are about, but nothing pawns out. I'm feeling like it's getting in the way of finding a guy or even getting out there. Maybe has to do with drowning myself In romance novels and wanting what the author writes. Hope you have a wonderful day stay cool!!!


You answered your own question. The two deadliest elements against sexual happiness are Porn and Romance novels. Both are forms of sickness that infests our sex roles of "You Tarzen, me Jane."

The best practice is to have your own fantasies while actually masturbating with pleasurable sensations. Consciously visualize your next boyfriend DETAILS while playing with your vibe. Thats how I've manifested a large part of my fabulous sexual life.

Yeah Baby, I'm cool


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