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This is one of our most popular clips on YT with 581,783 views. Originally posted September 11, 2009.

Your Clitoris

This video has over 40,000 views on YT.  Lisa's dissertation kicked off our Bodysex certification program.

Originally published 2014.


This is one of our most popular videos so I'm reposting.  Yes, pregnant sex is safe and healthy.

Pregnancy & Motherhood

It's ok to be self-ful.

Body Image, Bodysex

A woman should always control penetration.

How to Orgasm During Sex

Sharing nudity builds positive body image, self esteem and overall happiness.

Body Image, Bodysex

You can last longer through conscious masturbation.

Think 6 months to a year.

How to Orgasm, Your Vagina

Never deny your sexuality.

Sexual Arousal & Desire

Bodysex is about honesty with yourself.