Helen Betty


I am Helen Betty. I formerly wrote under my adult entertainment pseudonym Liandra Dahl.

I am a wanker. Primarily it is my being a wanker that has brought me to here. I could also say I'm a mother, a queer, a bisexual in a long-term lesbian open relationship, a feminist, a slut, a sex-positive producer and performer of pansexual reality porn, a comic book super hero etc etc but wanking came before all of this.

I started wanking a lot as a prepubescent child and despite my own shame (and everyone who caught me at it) I refused to ever stop. I used it fervently through my adolescent where I got myself all fucked up and very angry because I was a female and a slut who loved sex and knew how to have orgasms because I'd been giving them to myself for years. According to everyone around me that was a bad thing... unless they were under me or over me at the time. Finding Betty cured me of my shame though. For that I shall be eternally grateful.

After that I wanked my way into the Australian porn industry too via two masturbation websites beautifulagony.com and ifeelmyself.com. The latter of which I was the hostess for all my lovely wankers and wankettes. In the end though I went solo with my own independent reality porn project documenting real sex between real lovers (http://www.liandradahl.com/) and as a resolute wanker going solo was the most apposite career move to make. Plus I hate to be told what to do.

Now I am exploring tantra and spiritual sexuality whilst on a hiatus from adult video content. I intend to make more sex documentaries in the future. 


Sex Documentarian & Tantric Adventurer

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