How to Orgasm

Posted on the Jan 05, 2012 by Carlin Ross
Running Time 94 minutes. Bonus Features 20 minutes. DVD is region free, NTSC This DVD is also available on Amazon. Betty held her bodysex workshops for over 25 years - they grew out of the...
Posted on the Dec 29, 2011 by Betty Dodson
After hearing countless sex histories from girls and women over the past four decades, I believe sexual repression begins the moment a parent or caregiver punishes a child’s natural curiosity for...
Posted on the Feb 12, 2011 by Betty Dodson
FIRST TIME ORGASM: Most young girls will begin by using their hands and massage oil. A young woman who has a history of little or no masturbation and has reached her mid to late-20s and is...
Posted on the Jan 18, 2017 by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, I am nearing 50 and unable to fully orgasm, if I am at all. I have been using a hitachi magic wand which I have to cram into my clitoris in order to feel some kind of build up, which then...
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Posted on the Dec 31, 2016 by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty, I'm an 18 year old girl who likes girls. I am currently in a long-term relationship but have never orgasmed during intercourse. I feel pressure occasionally but never any pleasure....
Posted on the Dec 23, 2016 by Carlin Ross
Think 6 months to a year.
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Posted on the Dec 15, 2016 by Betty Dodson
Hello, I've run out of things to try to fix my problem. Whenever I feel even a little pleasure in my genital region I have contractions and it's all over. I've been masturbating since I was 11, I'm...
Original Drawing Betty Dodson
Posted on the Dec 01, 2016 by Betty Dodson
I can’t write a number large enough to cover the amount of emails I get from young, middle-aged, and older woman asking me how to have an orgasm. The constant refrain is that they have tried...
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Posted on the Nov 16, 2016 by Betty Dodson
Dearest Betty and Carlin, get a drink, this is a long one. I am a 63yr old lesbian and I have finally started my journey toward sexual healing and liberation. I discovered your wonderful web site...
Posted on the Oct 16, 2016 by Carlin Ross
You have to trust yourself and your body.
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Posted on the Sep 19, 2016 by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty, I am a 31 year old woman that has never had an orgasm...I think. I joined the military at 18 and was too busy to really explore my body and I also would regularly be intoxicated if I did...
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Original Drawing Betty Dodson
Posted on the Sep 14, 2016 by Betty Dodson
According to thousands of sex questions I’ve received during four decades, I’m aware of America’s profound lack of understanding when it comes to the basic act of heterosexual intercourse. Yes!...
Posted on the Sep 09, 2016 by Carlin Ross
Sex and pleasure are an art form and must be practiced.
Posted on the Aug 22, 2016 by Betty Dodson
Betty, I am a 23 year old and I've never had an orgasm. I've never had sex (though I like to say I took my own virginity!). I masturbate a lot, at least once a day. I mostly don't use toys, but I do...
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Posted on the Jun 24, 2016 by Betty Dodson
Hi Dr. Betty, I am in love with your videos. I deeply respect both you and Carlin's opinions and I thank you for opening my eyes removing shame around masturbation. Happy to know you enjoy our videos...
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